A Giraffe made out of what??????

Entries have been pouring in at the Erie County Fairgrounds and are beginning to fill up the Creative Arts Exhibit. There have been beautiful photos, amazing lego creations, detailed quilts and incredible paintings but there is one piece that really stands out…literally.  

Meet Abby’s giraffe…it is unlike anything that the Creative Arts Exhibit has seen before. It stands 8ft tall and you will be shocked to hear how she made it…its crocheted!!!

 Unbelievable, right? It took Abby, who is just 18, a whole month (she broke it down over several months but estimates that her time smushed togethter was about a month) to complete the creation. She crocheted all the pieces and her dad helped her build the framework.

Abby has been crocheting since she was little and was always facinated by the afghans on display at the Fair. She entered the Junior Bucket of Junk contest a few years ago and wanted to try her hand at getting another Blue Ribbon. She decided instead of crocheting a afghan she wanted to do something bigger…much bigger and chose to crochet an 8 foot structure of her favorite animal…the giraffe.

 She took the saying “go big or go home” literally with her large and creative entry.

Stop into the Creative Arts Exhibit to see this amazing entry and over 4,000 other creative pieces.