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Thank You WNY!

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Together we have made history, yet again and it was with the help of all of WNY (and beyond)!

It has already been announced that the Erie County Fair has the highest attendance in its history in 2013 with 1,160,184 guests passing through the gates. A couple of months ago the Food Bank of WNY announced the the Erie County Fair Food Drive was the largest held in their history with over 350,000 pounds of food donated in just twelve days. But the good news is still coming….

To mark the end of a record setting year for the Fair and to set the pace for the beginning of our 175th Anniversary year released their annual list of the Top 50 Fairs in North America and named the Erie County Fair as #11.


Eleventh is the highest the Erie County Fair has ever ranked on the list and is up 3 spots from #14 in 2012. With just 2.5 million people in the WNY area the Erie County Fair was able to surpass the state fairs of Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Mississippi, California, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland and New Mexico, to name a few. Click here to see the fill list. 

It is because of the wonderful people of the 716 (and the 585) that the Erie County Fair has become such a major event within our community. Without the exhibitors, vendors, staff, judges, volunteers and of course the guests we wouldn’t be able to even dream of receiving such a high honor.

On behalf of all who are involved in the planning, organization and execution of the Erie County Fair, Thank You. We hope you enjoyed EXPERIENCING the 174th Fair with us and we are hoping you are ready to continue GROWING STRONG with us as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary in 2014.

Canned Food Drive At The Fair Breaks WNY Record

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

What began as a way to assist the Food Bank of WNY during slower summer donation months now is in the books as the largest food drive in the history of Western New York.  The “Food From the Fair Feeds WNY” canned food drive collected a total of 305,978 pounds of food.

Special thanks to our fair guests, vendors and partners for being so generous with donations.  In all, 85,632 pounds of actual cans were collected and $31,478 in cash donations (which equals 220,346 lbs of food) to bring the grand total to 305,978.

The Erie County Fair has been a staple in the WNY community for 174 years.  The Fair thrives on the people from neighboring areas, who flood the gates and keep the Fair running year after year.  For 2013, the Erie County Fair partnered with The Food Bank of WNY to help give back, to not only the surrounding communities, but all of WNY. Additional support for this project was provided by Carmina, Wood, Morris PC and MAV Sales.

 “The overwhelming support we saw from attendees of the Erie County Fair this year just solidifies how this community has truly earned the tagline “the city of good neighbors.” The generosity that was displayed over the duration of the fair will help to feed the 34,000 plus families who rely on the Food Bank of WNY every month. A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who donated, the vendors and sponsors, and to the wonderful staff at the fairgrounds for providing this opportunity to help so many people in need,” said  Justin Guerin from the Food Bank of WNY.

 The Erie County Agricultural Society is a private not-for-profit membership organization. Established in 1819, the Society is the oldest civic organization in Western New York. The Society does not receive funding from New York State or from Erie County. The mission of the Erie County Agricultural Society, sponsors of the Erie County Fair, is to preserve and enhance, by educational endeavors, the agricultural and historical legacy of New York State. The Fair strives to fulfill appropriate aspects of the agricultural, educational, entertainment and recreational needs of Western New York.

Crashing Their Way to Victory

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

The last night of the Fair ended in its traditional manner. There was smashing, there was crashing, there were crazy paint jobs and there was a packed Grandstand. All of that combined could only mean one thing: The World’s Largest Demolition Derby!

The Erie County Fair bid farewell to another excellent year with two shows. The derbies added Monster Truck action to the normal schedule before launching into the main event.

The results below list the winners from each heat, who went on to compete in the championship round at the end of the show. Before each heat guests voted with their applause for the best appearing car. The winners of this mini contest are also listed.


Heat #1
1.      Michael Swinarski, West Seneca
2.      Billy Moretti, Lackawanna
3.      Joe Merlino, Blasdell
Best Appearing: Joshua Ward, Tonawanda

Heat #2
1.      Doug Evans, West Seneca
2.      Ken Harvey, East Otto
3.      Mark Dalrymple, Orchard Park
Best Appearing: Rob Bompczyk

Heat #3
1.      Mark Miklos
2.      Stacey Haniszewski
3.      Rodd Froebel Jr., Alden

Heat #4
1.      Ken Harvey, East Otto
2.      Tracy Britting, Irving
Best Appearing: Timothy Lehsten, Buffalo


1.      Joe Merlino, Blasdell
2.       Stacey Haniszewski, Lancaster
3.     Billy Moretti, Lackawanna



Heat #1: Rookie Drivers
1.      Tom Toporczyk, Buffalo
2.      Gregory Seiser, Cheektowaga
3.      Tara Brocius, Buffalo

Best Appearing: Gregory Seiser

Heat #2: Previous Derby Drivers (Never Won)
1.      Matthew Patteson, Orchard Park
2.      Matt Militello, Farnham
3.      Chris Carpentieri, Eden
Best Appearing: Josh Troup, Orchard Park

Heat #3: Previous Derby Drivers (Never Won)
1.      Allen McNeal Jr., Angola
2.      Kevin Rasinski, Angola
3.      Martin Hughes, Holland
Best Appearing: Mary Scarpello, Orchard Park

Heat #4: Former Event Winners and Champions
1.      Michael Ernst, Cheektowaga
2.      Troy Mustarella, Holland
3.      Tricia Andrejewski, Elma
Best Appearing: Tom Murphy

Heat #5 (Second Chance Heat for Afternoon Drivers)
1.      Rob Bompczyk, Depew
2.      Tom Walsh, Blasdell
3.      Ray Ward, Tonawanda


1.       Joe Merlino, Blasdell
2.       Allen McNeal Jr., Angola
3.    Matthew Patteson, Orchard Park

Erie County Fair recognizes Rural/Metro crew for saving the life of a fairgoer

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Today the Erie County Fair recognized the Rural/Metro EMS personnel whose efforts saved the life of a fairgoer on Thursday evening.

By responding in less than two minutes and with assistance from a nurse on-scene, Rural/Metro crews were able to resuscitate a patient who suffered a cardiac arrest at the Erie County Fair and safely transport to Mercy Hospital where the individual is recovering. According to the American Heart Association, appropriate care administered within two minutes of a cardiac arrest can increase a patient’s survival rate by 80 percent. Paramedic Ed Schaefer, Supervisor Rich Abraham, EMT-Intermediate Lyndsay Rogers, and EMT-Basics Bill Neuman and Randy Roth coordinated efforts through bike teams, mini-cart and ambulance to provide the life-saving care for which the Fairgrounds wishes to express its appreciation.

 “We are proud of the commitment and professionalism that is put forth by the Rural/Metro team and recognizing the crew is the least we can do” said Dennis Lang, CEO/Fair Manager.

 The name of the patient and specific details are not available at this time to protect patient privacy. Rural/Metro, the exclusive Emergency Medical Services provider for the Erie County Fair, is now in a new EMS facility built by the Fairgrounds that was dedicated on August 7. The new building includes four examination rooms that not only provides comfort and privacy for the patient but thoughtfully designed space for personnel to provide quality medical care.

“It might not immediately occur to people, but investments over the last five years, like paving the Midway, have largely contributed to a 40 percent decline we’ve seen in requests for medical care,” said Brian Lawson, Rural/Metro Director of Public Affairs. “There is no doubt the Fair’s commitment to a significant EMS presence, including this new facility, has a tremendous impact in cases precisely like the one on Thursday.”

Strates Shows & Erie County Fair Extends Pay One Price Ride Day Program to This Saturday

Friday, August 16th, 2013

In celebration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the famous Strates Shows, the Erie County Fair and the Strates Family have extended the Tops Friendly Markets “One Price Ride” program an additional day to include tomorrow, Saturday, August 17th.

The pay one price program is $25. Customers may save an additional $5 by presenting an original receipt from Tops Friendly Markets to the Strates Shows ticket booth at the top of the Avenue of Flags beginning at 11am on Saturday, August 17th.

“This is only the second time in our history with the Erie County Fair that we have offered a $25 dollars all you can ride ticket on a Saturday,” said James E. Strates, Strates Shows Operations Director. “The deal gets even better when you bring in your Tops receipt and save an additional $5.”

The famous Strates Show Midway stretches a mile long and features over 100 rides, games & attractions. On Saturday, the midway will operate between 11a-11p.

The Strates Shows has a history dating back  90 years when James E. Strates, a Greek immigrant, began his first show near Elmira, New York. In 1923, Mr. Strates acquired Southern Tier Shows and in 1932 changed its name to James E. Strates Shows. Mr. Strates continued to build and manage the carnival until his death in 1959. At that time his son, E. James Strates, assumed responsibility for the carnival and still operates it today with his family at his side. 2014 will mark a nine decade relationship with the Erie County Agricultural Society.

The Erie County Agricultural Society is a private not-for-profit membership organization. Established in 1819, the Society is the oldest civic organization in Western New York. The Society does not receive funding from New York State or from Erie County. The mission of the Erie County Agricultural Society, sponsors of the Erie County Fair, is to preserve and enhance, by educational endeavors, the agricultural and historical legacy of New York State. The Fair strives to fulfill appropriate aspects of the agricultural, educational, entertainment and recreational needs of Western New York.

Announcing the 2013 Ultimate Fairgoer

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

We would like to congratulate Marty Brownsey, as he is the 2013 Ultimate Fairgoer!

Marty was nominated by three of his friends as well as his sister because of his continued passion and enthusiasm for the Fair.

Marty loves all of the festivals WNY has to offer but names the Fair as his clear favorite. He takes vacation time for the duration of the Fair and comes each and everyday. Most of Marty’s days start right as the gates open and end when the cleaning crews have to sweep him out at the end of the night. He know everything that is going on each day at the Fair and actively promotes the Fair to his family and friends. If anyone is looking for the countdown to opening day or the location of their favorite fried dough stand, Marty is the guy to ask.

When asked what his favorite part of the Fair, Marty has a hard time answering because he loves everything about the Fair but after some time he is able to come up with a clear answer. Marty loves the people. From the vendors he sees once a year to his parents to accompany him many days at the Fair he loves that it is a place to bond with people at a place that has it all.

Congratulations Marty! and THANK YOU for your constant support and enthusiasm at the Fair.

Look for Marty in the parade everyday!



Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Who doesn’t like getting something for FREE?

50-sean-fronts-wachusett-fixed.jpgWhen you come to the Erie County Fair there is so much to do and the best part is you won’t have to pay anything more than your gate admission to experience what the Fair has to offer.

There are over 2500 head of livestock, 13,000 competitive exhibits and over 400 vendors selling everything under the sun. Parks to sit in, dozens of local musicians and shows….did we mention the shows?  There are tons of FREE entertainment acts coming from all over the world to perform for our fairgoers! Plan your day accordingly because these are not to miss.

Boys from Bushwood- Caddy Shack Duo. These zany impersonators will leave you in stitches. Look for the guys from comedy Caddyshack walking around with their oversized golf bag!

Dale Jones (Comedy Juggler). He has been named as one of the world’s best jugglers by the International Jugglers Association and will leave you amazed with what he was able to accomplish in his career, especially since he performs with just one hand.

Extreme Canines Stunt Dog Show. Considered “Vegas-level” entertainment these pooches will not leave you bored. This isn’t a demonstration but a high flying show packed with stunts and tricks.

Flippenout Trampoline Show. You will flip out when you fee Flippenout, soaring up to 25 feet above the grounds and performing amazing gravity defying stunts.

Gary the Silent Clown. A Fair staple, Gary is back with his antics celebrating 25 years at the Fair without saying a word

The Gizmo Guys. These comedy/juggling act will make you want to head out with your best friend and start practicing your moves! Catch them in limited appearance dates August 7-12

InJest with Nels Ross. Comedy variety “oddball” Nels Ross will leave the crowds dazzled with his talents

Jerry Valley- Master Hypnotist. He has been putting people to sleep for 30 years…not because he is boring by any stretch but because he is one of the best hypnotists in the business. Check out as many shows as you can because they are based entirely on audience participation and no two are alike. (Limited appearance dates: August 13-18)

Jerry Ward, Chainsaw Artist. You will never believe what Ward is able to do with a chainsaw and a log. Turning wood into art before your eyes you will not want to miss his demonstrations. Stop back to purchase one of the creations in a silent actions benefiting the Erie County Agricultural Society Scholarship Fund.  

John Cassidy, the Bizarre Balloonologist. He holds multiple world records for his work with balloons. You will be amazed at what he can do with a little hot air and a balloon!

Lasertainment- Laser Show- Do not leave the Fair without ending the night with our new nighttime spectacular Lasertainment. The light show will take place every night featuring spectacular lights set to chart topping music.

Backyard Circus and Puppet Parade. Kids become the stars when they partake in the Backyard Circus and Puppet Parade.

Sea Lion Splash. They are back by popular demand, the silly sea lions will be taking the stage dancing, showing off and causing300dpi_ferrari_img_5729.jpg trouble for the trainers. 

Skyriver Butterflies. Fairgoers will have the chance to see hundreds of butterflies fluttering right before their eyes as they walk through this interactive encounter.

Steve Trash- Green Street Show. Look for Steve Trash roaming the grounds turning trash into magic for our guests.

Swifty Swine Racing Pigs. Pick your favorite pig and cheer him on as he darts around the track in hopes of winning the grand prize…snacks!

Cirque Zuma Zuma. Coming all the way from Africa this show’s acrobatics will leave you amazed.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss a minute of any of the fun at the Erie County Fair, check out our plan your date feature on the website to see show times and locations. Click here to plan your day now!

Firemen’s Parade Results

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

The Erie County Fair was honored to host the 2013 Firemen’s Parade. There were seventy-seven fire companies represented in the parade, which was kicked off by our special guests, the West Webster Volunteer Fire Company.

The results of the parade are as follows:

Best Appearing Fire Company (5-10): Highland Hose, Spring Brook, North Boston, Hy-View

Best Appearing Fire Company (11-20): Windom, Lake Erie Beach, Colden, Chaffee-Sardinia

Best Appearing Fire Company (21 and over): Lancaster, Orchard Park, Marilla, Eden

Most Firefighters in Line: Depew (52 members)

Best Appearing Color Guard: Orchard Park, Marilla

Best Appearing Auxiliary (5-15): Highland Hose, Vigilant, Ellswood

Best Appearing Auxiliary Color Guard: Lake Erie Beach, Ellswood

Senior Drum Corp: Pine Hill

Senior Bands: Marilla

School Age Bands: Pepsi Cola Marching Band

Continental Units: Caledonia Pipe Band, Greater Buffalo Firefighter Pipe Band.

Cadence Units, Class A: Bowmansville, Lancaster

Cadence Units (Non-Firematic): Renegades

Best Appearing Junior or Explorer Units:  Lake Erie Beach, Hamburg, South Line, Lake Shore

Best Appearing Color Guards: Renegades

Best Appearing Marching Unit (Outside County): West Webster, Sheriden

Longest Distance: West Webster (Rochester)

Best Appearance (Motorized): Alden, Harris Hill


The Fair Celebrates Moms

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Moms, come to the Fair on Monday, August 12 for Moms Like Me Day!



All moms can stop by the Channel 2 Booth, located on 42nd Street and obtain a special “Moms Like Me Sticker.” Wear those stickers proud while you walk around the Fair and if our spotters see you, you can walk away with a prize. It’s that easy. 

Some of our fantastic prizes include KitchenKraft Cookware, tickets to see The Wiggles Live, Tops Gift Cards, Total Tan Gift Certificates and prizes from Channel 2!  

Gates open at 9am on Monday and admission is $10 for adults, $7 for seniors (60+) and kids 12 and under are FREE! Guests who arrive before 11am receive $5 admission!


A Fiesta?….I thought this was a Fair

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

This year at the Erie County Fair, one lucky Fairgoer will drive away in a brand new 2013 Ford Fiesta, thanks to the Ford Dealers of Western New York!

Pick up your entry form at the Channel 7 Gazebo in Slade Park or at the Ford Display at the Outdoor Showplace. Fill it out, drop it off and you could be the winner!

Each day a finalist will be chosen to come back on Sunday, August 18 and see if they are the lucky winner of the Fiesta.

Make sure you get your entry in because this is your opportunity to come to a Fair and leave with a Fiesta! Even if you are not a finalist stop by the National Grid Family Entertainment Complex at 5:30pm on Sunday, August 18 and see who will be leaving in the brand new car.