Concession King Horschel and his Fair Legacy

November 21, 2013. Horschel’s Concession Tent, 1956. From 1919 to 1969, Lew Horschel was the undisputed “dean” of Erie County Fair concessionaires. His offering included various dining tents around the grounds to “fine dining” featuring white linins, china and polished silverware in the Clubhouse. In addition to the Fair, Horschel also held concessions rights at Memorial Auditorium, Civic Stadium (The Rockpile) and ”any circus or carnival he could find.” Always looking to “serve his loyal customers,” Horschel was arrested during a 1932 Prohibition raid at the Fair for selling illegal alcohol. Horschel’s operated at the Fair until 1969 when passed away at the age of 89. In the image you can also see the original “Agricultural Building” which became the front of the current “Historical Building.” To the right is the former “Educational Building” which was moved to Slade Park and now home to the Woodcarvers.