Crashing Their Way to Victory

The last night of the Fair ended in its traditional manner. There was smashing, there was crashing, there were crazy paint jobs and there was a packed Grandstand. All of that combined could only mean one thing: The World’s Largest Demolition Derby!

The Erie County Fair bid farewell to another excellent year with two shows. The derbies added Monster Truck action to the normal schedule before launching into the main event.

The results below list the winners from each heat, who went on to compete in the championship round at the end of the show. Before each heat guests voted with their applause for the best appearing car. The winners of this mini contest are also listed.


Heat #1
1.      Michael Swinarski, West Seneca
2.      Billy Moretti, Lackawanna
3.      Joe Merlino, Blasdell
Best Appearing: Joshua Ward, Tonawanda

Heat #2
1.      Doug Evans, West Seneca
2.      Ken Harvey, East Otto
3.      Mark Dalrymple, Orchard Park
Best Appearing: Rob Bompczyk

Heat #3
1.      Mark Miklos
2.      Stacey Haniszewski
3.      Rodd Froebel Jr., Alden

Heat #4
1.      Ken Harvey, East Otto
2.      Tracy Britting, Irving
Best Appearing: Timothy Lehsten, Buffalo


1.      Joe Merlino, Blasdell
2.       Stacey Haniszewski, Lancaster
3.     Billy Moretti, Lackawanna



Heat #1: Rookie Drivers
1.      Tom Toporczyk, Buffalo
2.      Gregory Seiser, Cheektowaga
3.      Tara Brocius, Buffalo

Best Appearing: Gregory Seiser

Heat #2: Previous Derby Drivers (Never Won)
1.      Matthew Patteson, Orchard Park
2.      Matt Militello, Farnham
3.      Chris Carpentieri, Eden
Best Appearing: Josh Troup, Orchard Park

Heat #3: Previous Derby Drivers (Never Won)
1.      Allen McNeal Jr., Angola
2.      Kevin Rasinski, Angola
3.      Martin Hughes, Holland
Best Appearing: Mary Scarpello, Orchard Park

Heat #4: Former Event Winners and Champions
1.      Michael Ernst, Cheektowaga
2.      Troy Mustarella, Holland
3.      Tricia Andrejewski, Elma
Best Appearing: Tom Murphy

Heat #5 (Second Chance Heat for Afternoon Drivers)
1.      Rob Bompczyk, Depew
2.      Tom Walsh, Blasdell
3.      Ray Ward, Tonawanda


1.       Joe Merlino, Blasdell
2.       Allen McNeal Jr., Angola
3.    Matthew Patteson, Orchard Park