Erie County Agricultural Society Receives State Recognition

The Erie County Agricultural Society was recognized as an award winner in Ag Promotion from the New York State Agricultural Society (NYSAS) at the 182nd Annual Meeting and AgForum for ag education with the Farm 2 Table program.

The NYSAS initiated the Ag Promotion Award in 2009 to recognize individuals and/or groups for their efforts to improve the understanding of agriculture in their communities. Entries come from across New York State and are judged by a committee. Farm 2 Table is a program that was initially designed back in 2010 for 3rd and 4th graders to learn about various aspects of agriculture and has evolved to be a K-5 agriculture education program. A total of 8,000 students from several urban and suburban school districts have participated in the program and in many instances, this is the students’ first interaction with agriculture, livestock, and their commodities. “We certainly embrace all the promotion of agriculture across the state, however, this program stood out because of its uniqueness and how many the program reaches out to,” stated Barb Hanselman, Committee Chair from the NYSAS. Farmers comprise only one percent of the population in New York State, so it is more important than ever to help people understand modern agriculture.