Fair Treasure Gets A Makeover


With 175 years of history behind it, the Erie County Fair is looking better than ever! As we march toward our big year in 2014 the Fair is looking to ensure that pieces of our past can continue to journey with us into our bright future. Today that process takes another step as paper conservator Laura Schell comes to the Fairgrounds to pick up a Fair billboard poster that is over 130 years old. The poster was owned by Fair President John Kraus and was brought to the main offices by one of our board of members.

After having the poster hang in private offices for years it was time that this artifact received the treatment and display it deserved. So Laura Schell, of Lockport,  was called in to take the poster and begin a ten month process that will mend torn  parts and set it on an acid free background where it will be less likely to deteriorate over time. The poster will return for the 175th Erie County Fair, but this time on public display.

The conservation of the poster is just one step along a journey of travelling back in time through the Fair’s past and the treasures that have been left behind. We have opened all the nooks and crannies of the Fairgrounds and have begun an official archiving process that includes old ribbons, premium books, posters, photos and more.

While we havimg_5225.jpge a lot of Fair memorabilia in our archives we certainly don’t have it all! We are asking people of the community to check out their attics and scrapbooks and see if they have any Erie County Fair artifacts  that they would like to be included in our archives. Don’t worry, we aren’t taking items from you…we just want to borrow your photos, ribbons or anything else you may have for our big display at the 175th Fair. If you have something you would like included on our display call (716) 649-3900 ext. 6404 or email frontdesk@ecfair.org for more information.