Great photos of the fair in the Digital Photo Shootout

The Digital Camera Shootout contest allows people attending the Fair to become professional photographers, competing for the best picture in several fair categories, including Food, Animals, Human Interest, Plants/Flowers, and Rides. 40 pre-registered exhibitors were given two hours to go out onto the Fairgrounds and take their best digital pictures of a subject they drew from a hat.


The overall Best in Show photo went to Debbie Forsyth of West Seneca. She took an adorable photo of two brown rabbits after choosing the “Animal” category. Debbie has previously entered her work at the Creative Arts building, but this is her first win for her work. Debbie was very excited to be a part of the contest, and she registered as soon as she heard about it. Debbie has attended the Fair for years, and she thoroughly enjoys the entire Fair atmosphere. She is already excited to be a part of the Digital Shootout next summer.


The winners in each category were awarded as follows:


2nd Place: Joe Hastreiter of Lancaster, with a photo of a sheep

3rd Place: Amanda Kusowski of Cheektowaga, for her picture of a girl feeding a calf

 Human Interest

1st Place: Lisa Neff of East Aurora, with her picture of a boy holding a chicken

2nd Place: Tina Zemrak of Cheektowaga, for her photo of the Pepsi Cola Marching Band

3rd Place: Angeline Pellien of Lackawanna, for her image of a man making a wooden figurine

 Plants and Flowers

1st Place: Christopher Grinsell of Orchard Park, for his photo of corn on the cob

2nd Place: Dorothy Hellwig of Orchard Park, with her image of budding green flowers

3rd Place: Sharon Downs, for her picture of a gorgeous pink bloom


1st Place: Eve Fadeley of West Seneca, for her image of the brightly colored Euro Bubbles

2nd Place: Richard Majewski of Orchard Park, for his photo of the Midway rides, including the swings ride and the Ferris wheel

3rd Place: Diane Brown of Buffalo, with her picture of a boy on the dragon roller coaster in Kiddieland


1st Place: Patricia Hastreiter of Lancaster, for her photo of Italian sausage with peppers and onions cooking on the grill

2nd Place: James Brinkworh III of Cheektowaga, with his picture of a cracker on the pavement

3rd Place: Barb Brader of Buffalo, for her image of a man carrying his breakfast: a Belgian waffle and a bagel sandwich


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and participants! We hope to see you back for the contest next year!  Check out the winning photos here.