Homebrew Competition Winners Announced!

An American Pale Ale brewed by North Tonawanda’s John Crossett and Brian Millville from Niagara Falls beat out the competition to win “Best In Show” in the Erie County Fair’s 2015 Home Brew Competition. The competition, only in its second year, drew 112 homebrew entries. Entries were evaluated by 16 professional beer judges on April 24th and 25th at the Fairgrounds.

“A well-made American pale ale without any major flaws, very drinkable,” cited one of the judges. “The beer features a toasty and slightly caramel malt backbone accompanied by moderate hop bitterness.”

OIMG_4911nce crowned “Best In Show,” the winner submitted the beer’s recipe to the professional brew master at Flying Bison Brewery.  Flying Bison will analyze the winning recipe to ensure that it is commercially and legally producible. In addition, an attempt will be made to brew the winning beer with all New York State sourced products. Kegged product will be offered by Try-It Distributing to Western New York establishments for public purchase prior to the Fair. During the Erie County Fair on premise locations will feature the award winning beer.


“This is an exciting opportunity for both local home brewers and for our craft brewery,” said Dennis Brinkworth, Market Development Manager for Flying Bison. “We share in the passion generated by the home brewing community for quality and unique tasting brews. Our partnership with the Erie County Agricultural Society is another way we can celebrate home grown talent.”

The judging of home brewed beer is just one of the competitions held annually by the Erie County Fair. In 2015, over 12,000 entries are expected to be received and judged by the Fair’s Competitive Exhibits Office. The wide range of ribbon winning categories include agriculture, conservation and creative arts among others.