The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer…

October 9th, 2014


“…Is to sing loud for all to hear” –Buddy the Elf


The Fairgrounds Festival of Lights is looking for talented local choirs and music groups to perform this holiday season.

If you or someone you know is in a group that would like to perform apply today! Shows will be approximately 45 minutes in length and must include family friendly holiday music.  Bell choirs, school choirs, a cappella groups,  and other musical acts are welcome to apply.

fest logo

The Fairgrounds Festival of Lights runs select dates from November 27 to December 27 and there are multiple show times per date.  

Before and after your performance you and your friends and family can explore the Festival and all it has to offer. From a nearly two mile long drive through of light displays, to rides, activities, shows, shopping, and of course SANTA- the Festival of Lights has all the makings for a perfect winter evening.

Applications will be accepted until November 15th.  Apply  here!




#ThinkMemories Photos of the Fair

September 8th, 2014

Here are 17.5 photos that sum up all the tradition, agriculture, and excitement of the 175th Erie County Fair!





















Thank you WNY for making the 175th Erie County Fair the BEST. FAIR. EVER!

See you August 12-23, 2015!

Fairgoers Do It Again…

September 7th, 2014

…and donated more than 42,000 pounds of food to the Food Bank of WNY. Food along with cash donations will serve the Food Bank in providing more than 66,000 meals to those who need them most. 

Food Bank representatives say that Fairgoers donated over 28,000 pounds on Opening Day alone.

Along with the support of our Fairgoers, the Fair and the Food Bank of WNY would like to thank Strates Shows, Kings of Crash, and Johns_K8A0606onville Brats for their generosity in this wonderful project.

The Erie County Fair Food Drive proved to be essential in 2013 for the Food Bank in bridging the gap between the summer and holiday months, when donations are generally low. Last year’s donations were being used well into November and the Fair is excited to provide assistance to the Food Bank again this year.

The Fair is honored to help the community that has welcomed and grown with us for the past 175 years by giving back in this small but important way. However, it could not be done without the kindness and support of the Fairgoers who came out with bags of food in

their arms to help those in need within our community. Thank you to all who made this year’s Food Bank another great success.

Foodbank logo 2c-1 (3)

A Big Fair-well to the 175th Erie County Fair

August 19th, 2014

For more than a year the 175th Erie County Fair has promised to be the “Best Fair Ever” and when gates opened on August 6, 2014 


it was time to stand and deliver.  The Fair hosted headline entertainment, exhibited livestock from throughout the northeast, awarded hundreds of ribbons, and helped WNYer’s pack on some pounds with its delicious food offerings.  After twelve days of tradition, agriculture, and excitement the Erie County Fair is proud to announce it has broken another attendance record with 1,220,101 guests coming through the gates.

 This number exceeds 2013’s record of 1,160,184.  Fair organizers believe this increase in attendance is due in part to as special events such as Wallenda Walks the Fair (August 10) and Heritage Day (August 14) alongside a yearlong Think Fair Thoughts marketing campaign.


With all its moving parts organizers will be the first to admit that it is difficult to throw a “perfect” Fair but with a lot of hard work, preparation, and fun it is safe to say the 175th edition of the Erie County Fair came pretty close.

 On behalf of the Erie County Fair, its staff, its volunteers, and its directors, thank you Western New York, for continuing to make the Fair a must see summer attraction.

Whether you come for a few hours or the full twelve days, the Fair appreciates your patronage and hopes to see you in 2015. Mark the calendars because the 2015 Fair runs August 12-23- just 357 days away!

10 Reasons Wallenda’s Erie County Fair Skywalk Could be Most Challenging Yet

August 9th, 2014

High wire artist and daredevil Nik Wallenda will be walking over the 175th Erie County Fair on August 10, 2014. The walk will be 125 feet in the air and approximately 1350 feet long. This is the guy that walked over the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls, so you may be thinking, this should be a piece of cake for Wallenda to complete. However, upon further examination of some of the walk conditions and variables you may find that this could prove to be one of Wallenda’s toughest skywalk attempts yet.

1.  BBQ Grease on the Wire. 

Horse dance on ice

With three delicious Chicken BBQ establishments going full speed below there is the threat that the smoke and grease prove to be a factor in wire walking conditions. 

2. Alligators and Tigers!

watermelon alligator gif

Yep, that’s right, alligators and tigers will be on the property where Wallenda will be walking. Sure falling into the Grand Canyon would be scary, but so would be being eaten by an alligator. 

3. The Enticing Smell of Fair Food.

Fried dough, Italian sausage, candy apples, gyro, fresh cut french fries….it’s all enough to knock a seasoned professional off  his game. Wallenda will be passing over the main Food Court, hopefully he heads onto the wire with a full stomach. 

4. People.

Crazy Celebration

So there is the roaring waters of Niagara Falls, and then there are Western New Yorkers. A sea of either of these two can be equally intense. When WNYers get together they know how to party…will the crowds distract Wallenda? We will wait and see. 

5. Flying I-Got-It Balls.

wild pitch - baseball fail gifs

“Toss in ball one…” One would think throwing a small ball into a bin three feet away would be a simple task but anyone who has walked through the Fair can see that errant balls can be found just about anywhere. 

6. Double the Average Walk Length.


Wallenda practices, a lot, but this attempt will be the longest of the year, actually almost double the length of his typical walks. That being said, a longer walk mixed with fair food and August heat, it might just be nap time on the wire! 

7. Barn Noises.

We all know that joke about the annoying obnoxious cow, but at the Fair more than 1,600 animals will be housed in the barns for the walk. That is a lot of oinking, neighing, mooing, clucking, baaing…you get the idea. 

8. Over-Excitement about Fireworks

Happy Hopping Homer

Following Wallenda’s walk there will be a firework display, with another one to follow at 10pm. If Wallenda is like the rest of us, he loves fireworks and knowing there’s some waiting at the end of the wire, he just might speed up and lose focus. 

9. This Happy Goat.


Look at this guy…he’s so happy and full of hope for Wallenda to make it to the end of the walk. With eyes like that, there is a lot of pressure on Wallenda not to disappoint him.

10. Buffalo Weather.

Pretty Snow animated GIF

When you are walking in the 716, you have to be prepared for just about anything. While we should be far enough removed from snow in August, you never really know. 


As you can see, Skywalk Erie County Fair could prove to be quite the challenge for Nik Wallenda. Be there to see this one time spectacular stunt  on Sunday, August 10, 2014 at the 175th Erie County Fair. And don’t think this is your average county fair…its the Best Fair Ever!  With Nik Wallenda will be walking over it in addition to all the rides, games, food, and excitement fairgoers have come to love this is a not to miss summer event.

For more information about this exciting stunt visit



Fair Traffic Alert- NEW TRAFFIC PLAN

August 8th, 2014


 Starting Friday, August 8, guests coming to the Fair will not be able to use Quinby Drive to access entrance to the Erie County Fair. New traffic patterns have been developed to help ease traffic congestion and assist in local traffic, all with the safety of our guests in mind.

Patrons heading to the Fair southbound on South Park Avenue (Route 62) will see signs directing them  past Quinby Drive and instructing them to proceed to the main Fair entrance or they can continue to Clark Street and enter the grounds via Gate 5.  Patrons headed southbound on McKinley Parkway will encounter signs directing them past Quinby Drive to utilize the next two Fair gate entrances on the right hand side or they may park in lots across from The Fairgrounds.

The Fair has more than doubled the capacity of parking adjacent to McKinley Parkway including the lot across from Gate 1, which is now managed by the Fair.

For purposes of exiting the grounds from Gates 3 or 4, patrons will continue to use the two designated Quinby Drive exits.

Quinby Drive will remain open and accessible for local residential and business traffic.  

This traffic plan has resulted from collaboration between the Erie County Fair and the Town of Hamburg Police Department, Town of Hamburg Emergency Management, Erie County Highway Department, NYS Department of Transportation, Standard Parking Plus and the office of the Erie County Sheriff.


 Thank you for your cooperation!

Put the Erie County Fair on Your Bookshelf

July 26th, 2014

Think about it….its a cold winters night in Buffalo- you are sitting on your couch watching the snow fly with a cup of hot chocolate and in an instant your are transported to to the Erie County Fair. The snow turns to sunshine. The hot chocolate turns into a big helping of fried dough. Your flannel pajamas are suddenly summer wear matched with your most comfortable walking shoes….

What if this really could happen? BOOK

It can. Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America series has a new edition: The Erie County Fair can transport its readers back to summer, back to the Fair. The book features images from the Erie County Fair’s archives dating back decades. From the way people dress to how animals were presented has changed noticeably throughout the years but what readers will find is that so much as stayed the same when it comes to the traditions of the Fair. 

No aspect of the Fair was left out. Whether it is the midway, food, animals, or entertainment that calls you home to the Fair each year this book will offer insight to the how the Fair transformed from humble beginnings to the eleventh largest Fair in North America.

You can pick up your copy of the book in area bookstores, independent retailers, through Arcadia Publishing (888-313-2665) or by clicking here.

This is a must have souvenir to commemorate the 175th Erie County Fair. It may be just what you need to battle the winter so it can be Fair-time once more!

Hey What Happened to that Poster?

June 16th, 2014

You may remember in October, the Erie County Fair sent a poster from 1883 to be restored (if you don’t remember, click here to read the story and get caught up). Well, it is back and has quite the story to tell of its journey!

Here was the poster before the work began (in case you didn’t want to read the first story): OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Laura Schell of Lockport took to the task right away and for those who don’t know much about what it takes to restore a poster from 1883, here is exactly what she has been doing all those months:

First, the poster was glued to brown paper with spray adhesive and then glued again to foam core. It was done quite unevenly, we may add and proved to be quite the challenge to remove.


After Schell saw what she was up against, she gave the poster a little massage. Using soft grated gum eraser crumbs and her fingers she was able to clean up the surface dirt off of much of the poster.  Many parts of the poster were to fragile for this step.

Then came the un-doing of the gluing! Using a metal spatula Schell carefully scrapped away first the foam core and then the brown paper. This left our poor old poster in three distinct pieces.


The sections bid each other farewell as they were soaked separately in an aqueous (water based) bath for about 40 minutes and then left out to air dry.



Once dry, the three sections were humidified and and placed on its new liner, mulberry paper. Instead of spray adhesive, Schell opted for a safer option of wheat starch paste.

After taking part of the journey on their own, the three sections were reunified again as they have been since 1883 by being lined up and pasted with wheat starch paste.

The now unified poster was headed for a makeover now! Large holes and missing pieces were filled with Japanese tissue and colored with acrylics. Small holes were filled with paper pulp that was dyed in a similar tone.

After all of the light handiwork Schell did, it was time for some heavy lifting. This came when the poster had to be flattened. The poster was first humidified and taped lightly to the table to begin the flattening process. Then it was humidified again, placed between sheets of fabric and  weighed down.


Finally, the pulp fills were colored in with colored pencils.

…..drum roll for the big reveal…..


And that’s it. Sounds simple right? At the end of these months the poster looks incredible and has been cared for in a way that will no doubt add decades to its life, if not centuries! 

The fully restored poster is now headed for framing. It will then be on display at the Visit Buffalo Niagara Gallery at the Market Arcade building on Main Street downtown.

People have already been asking where they can get a replica of this poster and the Fair is happy to announce our friends at the Buffalo News will be giving a replica copy to each of their new subscribers at the Erie County Fair! Look for the Buffalo News on the back side of Hamburg Gaming, sign up for a newspaper subscription and ta-da you have your very own 1883 Erie County Fair poster.


This blog is dedicated to the memory of poster pieces that could not be salvaged. 



Start Your Engines for Fuel Filled Excitement!

June 6th, 2014

If you like loud engines, tough trucks, and hard hitting cars- the Erie County Fair has something for you! The 175th Erie County Fair will play host to five exciting motor events over four days and guests will be in for a treat, as events have stepped up their game in honor of this special anniversary year.


Tickets for these events go on sale Saturday, June 7th at 10:00am. Tickets can  be purchased online thorough, in person at the Event Center Box Office on the Fairgrounds, or by phone at 1-888-223-6000.

The 2014 Motor Event lineup is as follows:

August 14.7:00pm  Ultimate Night of Destruction. This show will offer the most bang for your buck- in more ways than one! The show will feature a double figure-8 race as well as demo derbies for buses, SUVs, and compact cars. Monster trucks Avenger and Brutus will make a special appearance to add 1,800 horsepower and 66 inch wheels of destruction to the twisted metal and car-nage! Avenger was name a 2 time Monster Jam Freestyle World Champion. Tickets for the show are just $16 and Kids 12 and under are FREE with a paid adult.

Click Here for Tickets

tractor pull

August 15 & 16. 6:00pm Lucas Oil Truck and Tractor Pull. The initial shock of the sheer size of the tractors and trucks that take to the pull strip can be enough excitement for some, but its when the pullers fire up the engines and dig into the dirt the crowd explodes! The truck and tractor pull has been a long time tradition at the Fair, so long in fact that the Fair’s pull is the fifth oldest in the country. Both shows will feature six classes of pullers coming from more than 10 states and Canada. WNY Pro Pullers will also compete in this event, representing the best the area has to offer in professional tractor pulling.  Tickets for the show are $20 for Pit Passes, $16 for Infield, $12 for Grandstand. Kids 12 and under are FREE to this event as well.

Click Here for Friday Night Tickets

Click Here for Friday Night Tickets

after math

August 17. 1:00pm & 6:00pm World’s Largest Demolition Derby. What would the end of the Fair be without the demolition derby? More then 100 cars will get painted up and prepared for a competition that challenges competitors to outlast the others. The afternoon show sees a lot of returning drivers who will attempt to fix their cars in time to compete in the evening derby! The evening derby is usually a packed house. Fans cheer each hit, crash, and heat winner with the same enthusiasm as the last.

The demolition derbies will also feature reality TV stars Kings of Crash. These professional drivers will bring five teams to the track to compete in a separate team style derby. The afternoon event will have all five teams and the best three will move on to compete in the evening show. Guests can meet the Kings of Crash from 11:30am-1:00pm in the infield. Guests must bring a canned food donation of $5 to benefit the Food Bank of WNY for the meet and greet opportunity.

Click Here for Afternoon Tickets  

Click Here for Evening Tickets  

Don’t forget, when you  purchase your motor event ticket before the show, your ticket gets you FREE admission to the Fair on the day of the event!

Erie County’s Got Talent….

May 1st, 2014

…and we want to see it. 

The Erie County Fair will once again be hosting the annual Talent Show.  This is your chance to showcase that special talent in front of your biggest fans at the Erie County Fair! If you can win at our Fair you will get to move on and compete at the New York State Fair, and from there the sky is the limit.


Entry information is now available for this year’s show. As always spots are limited and are filled on a first come first served basis. Acts will have just 4 minutes to impress the judges and there are certain restrictions as to what type of acts can be performed as part of the show.

There will be two divisions, each with separate shows:

Mini (ages 12 and under) will perform Saturday August, 9 at 11:30am.

Maxi (13 and up) will perform Friday, August 8 at 11:30am

If you have questions about the show please email Dawn at If you have read enough and know that you want to be part of this year’s show click the button below and start filling out your registration form.


PS. The talent show is FREE to enter and all performers will receive FREE admission to the Fair on the day of the show!