Thank YOU for another WILD Fair!

The Fair has ended just a few days ago and the grounds that were exploding with fried dough, music, rides, and fairgoers have been transformed back into a parking lot. To passerbys it looks as though the 2012 Fair has never happened but for the 1,031,750 of you that walked through our gates you know differently!

 The 2012 Erie County Fair celebrated new competitions, like WILD About Hair, saw some excellent concerts, like Boston, Blake Shelton, and Victoria Justice, and welcomed families, friends, neighbors and visitors from all over WNY and beyond. The Moo-turnity Ward welcomed five calves to the Erie County Fair family, the demolition derby demolished 140 cars and the Nerveless Nocks flew 40 feet above amazed crowds.

 Overall, the Fair was a huge success but it is not without the help of an amazing staff of people that work year round, come in just for Fair time and volunteer to insure the event goes off without a hitch.

However, what really makes the Fair such a WILD event is all of the Fairgoers! We wouldn’t throw a Fair anymore if no one came! And you came from everywhere!

We hope that you had a WILD time at the Erie County Fair and we truly hope to see you back here next year for the 2013 Fair. Mark your calendars- August 7-18! The Erie County Fair- Experience It!

Have a WILD day and a safe and happy year until we see you again!

PS. Click here if you want to see the Demolition Derby Results…we know a lot of you have been asking!