Thank You WNY!

Together we have made history, yet again and it was with the help of all of WNY (and beyond)!

It has already been announced that the Erie County Fair has the highest attendance in its history in 2013 with 1,160,184 guests passing through the gates. A couple of months ago the Food Bank of WNY announced the the Erie County Fair Food Drive was the largest held in their history with over 350,000 pounds of food donated in just twelve days. But the good news is still coming….

To mark the end of a record setting year for the Fair and to set the pace for the beginning of our 175th Anniversary year released their annual list of the Top 50 Fairs in North America and named the Erie County Fair as #11.


Eleventh is the highest the Erie County Fair has ever ranked on the list and is up 3 spots from #14 in 2012. With just 2.5 million people in the WNY area the Erie County Fair was able to surpass the state fairs of Ohio, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Mississippi, California, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland and New Mexico, to name a few. Click here to see the fill list. 

It is because of the wonderful people of the 716 (and the 585) that the Erie County Fair has become such a major event within our community. Without the exhibitors, vendors, staff, judges, volunteers and of course the guests we wouldn’t be able to even dream of receiving such a high honor.

On behalf of all who are involved in the planning, organization and execution of the Erie County Fair, Thank You. We hope you enjoyed EXPERIENCING the 174th Fair with us and we are hoping you are ready to continue GROWING STRONG with us as we celebrate our 175th Anniversary in 2014.