The Erie County Fair- Experience It!

ecf-0078-poster-v5.jpgStep away from packing up your Christmas decorations, shoveling snow and warming up during this cold Buffalo winter for a minute and pretend it is August in Erie County, and you are walking though the Erie County Fair…

See the photography hung in groups at the Creative Arts Exhibit, the hot metal rod of a horsehoe in the making, the colorful balloon creations of the Bizzare Balloonologist and the rows and rows of vendors set up in the Event Center ready to make a sale.

Smell the fried dough, the chicken cooking, the popcorn, and all the other delicious food the Fair has to offer as you pass through the food court finding what you are going to try out this year.

Hear the roar of applause as a Grandstand artst takes the stage, the horses clop along the parade route, the crashing of cars in the demoliton derby and the animals as they call out to one another in the barns.

Taste the burgers, fred dough, cotton candy, french fries, gyros, candy apples, taffy and all the other  delicious foods that fill your belly and make a trip to the Fair complete.

Feel the wind whipping through your hair on a midway ride, the feeling of sunshine on your face as you grab a seat a Slade Park concert, the bristly fur on a newborn piglet, or a the soft plush of a toy won at I-Got-It.

Experience all the shows, music, laughs and memories that go along with a day spent with family and friends at the Erie County Fair.

For now you are back in chilly January in Erie County but the Fair will be here before you know it.

We’re celebrating the 174th edition of the Erie County Fair and this year we want to reflect everything that makes a day at the Fair complete with the 2013 theme of The Erie County Fair- Experience It!

Join us August 7-18, 2013 to See It! Smell It! Hear It! Taste It! Feel It! and Experience It!

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