The Erie County Fair is WILD about Recycling!

There is so much to go WILD about at the 2012 Erie County Fair! Wild about the Rides, Wild about the Food, Wild about the Animals….

This year we are going WILD about Recycling! With one million people entering the gates each and every year it takes an army to keep the Fairgrounds clean and green year after year and we need everyone’s help. But it isn’t just about keeping the Fair clean it is about making a difference and doing our part to help the environment!

If each fairgoer recycled one aluminum can  it would save enough electricity to power a television set for 342 years!

Modern Recycling handles the majority of the recycling at the Erie County Fair using their single stream technology. This new innovation allows all recyclable items to be thrown in a single container with no sorting. It is Modern’s hope that people will find recycling more convenient and will partcipate more frequently. 

For more information on Modern Recycling check out their website here!

The rest of the Fair’s recycling is done with the help of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Erie County’s 4-H Youth Development. The 4-H kids will have designated locations around the Fairgrounds where you can drop off your recyclable items! This is where you can do your part and help reduce the amount of waste.

 With 1 Million fairgoers each and every season the Erie County Fair hopes everyone will take part in our recycling efforts, not just while you are here at the Fair but at home as well.

 A greener planet….That’s something to go Wild About!