Volunteer your time for the Erie County Fair

The Erie County “Friends of the Fair” is a dependable group of men and women from all walks of life that numbers approximately 225 members.  The group is comprised of people who truly love the Fair and willingly contribute their time to make the Fair experience better for all.

 All of us are volunteers who can make a difference.  A positive attitude, from the time someone walks through a gate, stops at an Information Booth or walks into one of our many buildings will determine how our guests perceive their day at the Fair. 

 Our goal is to provide reliable people for support in the various departments during Fair.  Each department has established reasonable expectations for each job.  In all cases, willingness to accept direction, timeliness, and reliability are paramount to accomplishing any task.

 The Friends of the Fair, founded in 1987, is always looking for new volunteers who believe as we do. Each prospective “Friend” is interviewed by a group coordinator in the spring prior to the Fair season. New volunteers are expected to attend an orientation meeting in June and a site tour/credentials distribution session in August.

 All Friends of the Fair are required to commit to twenty hours or service during the twelve days of the Fair. Each volunteer receives a 12 day credential, parking on work days, meal vouchers, and a volunteer uniform. Each October, all volunteers who meet the minimum requirements are invited to an appreciation banquet sponsored by the Erie County Agricultural Society. For more information please feel free to contact the Supervisor of Volunteer Services, Warren Schmidt @ 716-492-3812 or by e-mail at : warreng1244@gmail.com