We CAN Do It!

The Erie County Fair has been a staple in the WNY community for 174 years. The Fair thrives on the people from the area who fwe-can-do-it2.jpglood the gates and keep this Fair running year after year. For 2013 the Erie County Fair is working with the Food Bank of WNY to give back to the community who has supported us for well over a century.  

What CAN we do?

The IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions) challenged its members to “Dream Big” and try to collectively donate 20,000,000 pounds of canned foods. While the goal is lofty, the Erie County Fair was up for the challenge and we are going to need the help of our 1,000,000+ fairgoers to make this dream a reality. 

Click here to see how close we are to the goal! 

How CAN we do it?

Bring your canned food donation with you to the Erie County Fair to benefit the Food  Bank of WNY. The cans will help towards the IAFE’s Dream Big Campaign but the food will stay right here in our community! Only cans will count towards the IAFE drive but monetary donations will be accepted to benefit those in need in WNY.

The Erie County Fair has developed a plan to encourage fairgeors to bring donations with them to the Fair…donate on certain days and receive savings!

Bring cans on Wednesday, August 7 and receive FREE admission into the Fair. 
Bring cans on Saturday, August 10 and receive an unlimited ride wristband for just $20
Bring cans on Sunday, August 11 and receive $5 off of your gate admission. 

Donations are welcome any day. however.

How CAN this help?

The Food Bank of WNY serves 100,000 people each month, 40,o00 of which are children. Donations to the Food Bank will help to keep the doors open and bellies full throughout the community. Knowing where your next meal is coming from is a luxury that not everyone is able to have. Of the Food Bank’s 36,000+ families served each month 53% of them would have to choose between food and utilities if not for the Food Bank.

We CAN do it! 

With over 1 million people coming through the gates there is no doubt the Erie County Fair has the ability to make a big difference in the community through canned food donations. The Erie County Fair has committed to donate $10,000 to the Food Bank, which translated to over 6,000 cans! An anonymous donor matched that donation contributing another 6,000 cans to the cause.

To see just how many cans that is, stop into the Showplex during the Fair to see a Can Creation built entirely of the cans that will be donated to the Food Bank of WNY.


So there is the challenge Erie County! Don’t forget to bring your canned food to the Fair with you…remember…We CAN do it!