Wild About Rides?

As the Fair approaches there are a lot of questions about what is the best option for families when it comes to the Strates Midway at the Erie County Fair. Here is a quick guide to all your ride options so you can make the best choice for your family:

One Price Ride Days: Every weekday of the Fair is a One Price Ride Day. It is $25 for a wristband and you can ride all day. You need a wristband for each rider and they are vaild only on the day of purchase. If you bring an original Tops reciept you may purchase the wristband for just $20. You need an original reciept (from any day, for any amount) for each rider.

 Wristbands can be purchased at the Strates Ticket Booths right here at the Fair. They are NOT available for purchase at Tops or any other location.

Strates Fun Cards: These are valid each and everyday of the Fair, not only on the day they are purchased on. These operate like debit cards- where dollars are turned into credits. Credits can be purchased for $1 per 1  credit or you can take advantage of the Fun Card Specials listed below. The benefit of Fun Cards is that the whole family can share one card and if you plan on coming multiple days you can keep the card and the credits on it.

You can purchase your card presale (before August 7) and receive 70 credits for just $23. That is a 33% savings.

At the Fair however, Fun Cards can be purchased in any denomination but the best deals are 45 credits for $20 or 120 credits for $50. These specials are valid everyday, including the weekends.

  Purchase your Strates Fun Card at the Strates Ticket Booth right at the Erie County Fair or purchase or take advantage of the presale offer online.  Strates Fun Cards are not available for purchase at the Event Center or any other location.

The Strates Midway has over one mile of WILD rides, games and attractions! Take advatage of all the Midway has to offer through these various offers and discounts.

Have a WILD day!